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Our website: access and use 
Our website is a portal site characterized by adult content published by Users themselves and intended to put Users in contact. We do not arrange any appointments ourselves and offer no guarantee regarding the expectations and behavior of our Users. Always take the necessary precautions in case of offline contact with other Users. 
Our site and our services are only intended for adults. This means that you must have reached the minimum age required by the legislation of your country to visit and use our site. For Belgium, this age is 18 years old. 
These terms of use apply to us, X-Escort, as well as you, as a User. You are a user within the meaning of these terms of use from the moment you access our site and make use of our services. If you use our paid services for purposes that are not part of a commercial or professional activity, you also have the status of user-consumer. 
Any User who visits and / or uses our website declares having read our general conditions of use and accepts their application. The User is also presumed to have read our   privacy policy   and all other rights and obligations clearly stated on our website. 
For this reason, X-Escort encourages all Users to carefully read these terms of use before using the website and in case of any changes. 
Anyone who uses our website on behalf of a company or other legal entity is also individually bound by these terms and conditions of use as a User, regardless of the existence of an individual agreement between X-Escort and the company or legal entity in question. 
We reserve all rights except in the event of a formal waiver. 
To make use of our ad spaces, the creation of a user profile is required. This registration is done simply by completing our online registration form. It is strictly forbidden to create and / or use more than one user profile, even under different names. Duplicates will be automatically deleted. 
When you register, we ask you to provide us with correct, truthful, current and complete information. At the time of registration, the User is required to make a choice based on its quality and use of the desired site. 
It is strictly forbidden to violate the rights of third parties when registering. Name theft (Article 231 of the Penal Code), the use of false information technology (Article 210bis § 1 of the Penal Code), attacks on honor and reputation (Articles 443 and 453bis of the Penal Code) and all other forms of identity theft constitute offenses punishable by law. X-Escort will take all necessary measures to punish behavior deemed illegal. 
The user profile is strictly personal. The User is solely responsible for all actions performed with his profile. Therefore, a user profile can not be transferred to a third party. The User must ensure the confidentiality of his user profile.Any breach of confidentiality must be reported to X-Escort in order to take appropriate action. 
X-Escort does not perform a systematic check of the records but reserves the right to take appropriate action if necessary. For example, this is the case if the User acts in violation of these terms of use, additional conditions imposed by X-Escort, applicable legal rules, rights of third parties or generally accepted rules of conduct on the internet. Please notify us of any violation by email to contact@x-escort.be. 
X-Escort retains a wide margin of appreciation in the choice of punitive and corrective measures and their scope. The temporary or permanent suspension of a user profile or its deletion are part of it. These measures can be taken without warning and / or prior notification. 
Content of the site 
The content, information and advertisements that appear on our site may contain errors. We offer you this content without any guarantee of adequacy, reliability, accuracy and precision, both as regards our own content and the content of Users and third parties, including advertisements. It follows that X-Escort can not be held responsible for any form of damage (direct and indirect) that the user would suffer from the information on the site. 
In any case, it is strictly forbidden to publish the following content on the site   :

  • Any content deemed inappropriate or illegal. Although the boundaries of our website are broader than for conventional sites, this does not preclude illegal, illegal, harmful, deceptive, threatening, insulting, excessively obscene, child pornography, racist and / or generally contrary content. public order and morality is considered inappropriate. This content does not have to be contrary to applicable law or the rights of third parties to be considered inappropriate.
  • Any content that violates the intellectual rights or image rights of other Users and / or third parties.
  • Any content that is the result, refers to and / or encourages the commission of criminal offenses.
  • The propagation of content that may cause damage to other users of the website. It is forbidden to transmit malware, such as computer viruses, malware, worms , trojans and cancelbots .

In addition to our general terms and conditions of use, the following specific rules apply to placement of ads:

  • Ads should always be placed in the relevant and appropriate category under the category that is closest to the subject of the ad. The User is limited in his choice, according to his recording parameters.
  • The ads must be placed in the language of the website, namely in French for this site.
  • Advertisements can in no way be misleading.

Although we take all necessary steps to avoid this kind of situation, it is more than likely that any content, information or announcement is incorrect and / or even misleading. Act as an informed and critical user! 
We make every effort to provide a quality site but for this purpose we need the help of our visitors. If we receive a reasoned message indicating inappropriate and / or illegal content, we will take all appropriate measures. Therefore, please keep us informed if you do not agree with the content, information or announcements on our site by email to contact@x-escort.be. 
Deleting a user profile may imply the (future) removal of all content and all advertised items. 
General: announcements 
Registered Users can place ads on the site. Ad placement is free but the user can increase his visibility by promoting his ads. 
The conditions and characteristics of our services are as presented on the website and as ordered by the User. X-Escort may at any time modify the conditions and characteristics of its services according to market demand and the regulations in force. Ads have a duration of publication limited to 3 months maximum. 
Advertisements that violate these Terms of Use may be removed at any time without notice and / or advance notice. Deleting a user profile can also imply the removal of placed ads. The advertiser may also request the deletion of one or more of their ads. In none of these cases is the advertiser entitled to a refund from X-Escort. 
Terms of delivery and payment 
Upon receipt of your order, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail . X-Escort will provide the services requested after obtaining the payment. Please note that the choice of certain payment methods may have an impact on the immediate execution of the services. 
As a buyer, you are required to immediately verify the performance of our services. The User is obliged to notify a bad execution of the services at the latest within 7 days after having noticed the bad execution. This notification must be sent to X-Escort in writing and must be sufficiently reasoned. The User is entitled to a repair only in the form of a new execution. 
All prices are in EURO and are VAT and other taxes included. Obvious and / or obvious mistakes in our prices can always be corrected after the conclusion of the contract. Any additional costs, such as those related to the use of certain methods of payment, are always clearly communicated in advance to the User and are entirely at his expense. 
Online orders can be paid using internationally accepted and accepted electronic payment methods. The conditions of use of the chosen payment provider will then apply exclusively. Therefore, we accept the following payment methods :

  • Mollie ( Bancontact , Visa, Mastercard, Paypal )

X-Escort takes all reasonable steps to ensure the security of your online transactions. Our main concerns are the loss or theft of your credentials or financial data. The payment partners indicated above provide these guarantees. The secure system of Icepay and Pay.nl is responsible for the further processing of your payment. This private security system always processes your bank data encrypted. The necessary security measures are provided by SSL. 
Right to retract 
As a User-Consumer, you do not have the right to withdraw from your purchase. The right of withdrawal is therefore not applicable since this is a service, namely the placement of ads, which is immediately executed by X-Escort. 
By accepting these terms of use, you agree as a User-Consumer to no longer be able to exercise your right of withdrawal as soon as X-Escort has executed the contract. The placement of the advertisement is done automatically and immediately after payment. 
Restrictions on the right of use 
The right of use granted to the User is limited in the sense that the latter is required to refrain from any action having or that could have a negative impact on the proper functioning and security of the website and its other Users and / or on the use thereof. The use of the website can not violate these general conditions of use, the applicable legislation, the rights of third parties and generally accepted rules of conduct on the Internet. 
The following actions are strictly prohibited   :

  • The User may not use software aimed at collecting and acquiring data. Spiders, crawlers , robots and similar software are targeted here without this list being exhaustive.
  • It is forbidden to use the website and the data it contains to send spam, chain letters, junk mail and / or similar variants.
  • It is forbidden to harass and / or attempt to convince other Users of political and / or religious beliefs.
  • It goes without saying that it is forbidden to illegally access the user profiles of other Users.

The above list is for illustrative purposes only and is not exhaustive. X-Escort has a wide margin of appreciation in this regard. 
X-Escort reserves the right to take all reasonable and appropriate measures if the User violates these general conditions of use and / or the applicable legal rules, the rights of third parties or the generally accepted rules of conduct on the Internet. X-Escort retains a wide margin of appreciation with regard to the sanction and correction measure adopted, as well as its scope. However, any action taken will always be proportional to the offense. 
X-Escort has among other things the possibility of temporarily suspending and / or permanent the right of use of the User. In addition, X-Escort may restrict the User's access to the Website in general or to certain features of the Website, in whole or in part, temporarily or permanently. 
When the circumstances so require, such measures may be taken without warning or prior notification. In any case, the User can not claim a refund or compensation for the measures taken. 
If the User is of the opinion that the action taken is inappropriate or unfounded, he must inform X-Escort within fifteen (15) calendar days following the implementation of the measure. X-Escort will review the arguments invoked without being required to rescind the original action. 
Private life 
We place a lot of importance on the protection of privacy. This is why we wish to inform the User as completely as possible of our policy regarding personal data. Media Link takes great care in processing your personal data. Media Link guarantees that the collection and processing of your personal data is always carried out in accordance with the relevant legislation, and in particular the Regulation of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data. personal data and the free movement of this data (GDPR). 
Anyone using our website discloses certain personal data. Personal data is processed to the extent that this processing is necessary for the proper functioning of the website. Media Link has taken all possible legal and technical measures to prevent unauthorized access or use of personal data. The communication of incorrect or inaccurate personal data is considered a violation of these terms and conditions of use. 
For more information about the guarantees relating to the protection of your personal data, we refer you to our   privacy policy. 
Intellectual property rights 
Our website and its contents are protected by intellectual property rights. By "   contents   », We must understand brands, images, logos, animations, texts, etc. present on the site. These intellectual property rights belong to X-Escort. 
X-Escort grants the User a limited, revocable and non-exclusive license to visit and use the site for personal purposes. Subject to this exemption, the User is not authorized to reproduce, communicate to the public or distribute the site and its content, in whole or in part. 
Any User who adds content to the website is solely responsible for the respect of the intellectual property rights relating thereto. The User agrees not to infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties. By placing content on the site, the User provides X-Escort with a perpetual, royalty-free and transferable license to use, reproduce, process and communicate to third parties this content, to the extent necessary to provide the website and the website. associated services. This license applies to all intellectual property rights concerned. 
X-Escort can not be held responsible for any violation of the aforementioned conditions by the User. The possible factual or legal consequences of such violations are entirely the User's responsibility. We are therefore once again soliciting your cooperation to warn us of possible infringements of intellectual property in order to take appropriate measures. Any violation can be notified by email to contact@x-escort.be. 
How to use hyperlinks? 
Our website contains numerous links to other sites and / or electronic portals over which we have no control. Therefore, we can not give any guarantee regarding these sites and / or electronic portals. Any visit and use of these links are always at the user's own risk. The existence of such a link does not automatically mean that we agree (even implicitly) with the content of these websites. 
If an ad contains a hyperlink, the site to which it is returned must contain interesting information and its content must be linked to that of the ad. This link can not contain advertising linked to third-party profile sites. Profile site accounts are not considered a clean site. The only authorized profile site is www.prive-escort.be. 
It is allowed to insert links to our other websites provided that these links refer to the homepage of the site. 
In case of violation of the aforementioned conditions, X-Escort reserves the right to delete sites / links without prior notice and without obligation of compensation. We have a wide margin of discretion in evaluating these links. 
What are our legal obligations and our responsibility? 
The User understands and accepts the following: 
Our site and related services are offered on an 'AS IS' basis (as is) and 'AS AVAILABLE' (as available), that is, without any implicit or explicit guarantee as to their operation and availability . 
The user can be reassured   : we have taken all necessary and reasonable measures to ensure the proper functioning, reliability, security, continuity and accessibility of our website and related services. These are technical, non-technical and organizational measures. Our obligations in this regard are considered obligations of means. 
X-Escort is only liable for serious or repeated minor or repeated contractual and non-contractual breaches that it makes in the performance of its obligations under this contract. This liability is limited to direct damages resulting from these breaches and can never be greater than the value of the services provided, with an absolute maximum fixed at € 30. 
X-Escort is in no way responsible for consequential damages resulting from these breaches. Indirect damages include any form of consequential damages, loss of profits, financial or commercial losses, increase of overall costs, increase of personnel costs, damages related to the loss of customers and / or prospects, moral damages, etc. This list is given for information only and is not exhaustive. 
X-Escort is not responsible for the losses and / or damages caused by the User or a third party if X-Escort acts according to the conditions of use, at the   privacy policy   and at the   cookie policy. X-Escort also expressly excludes any liability for the behavior of its Users and third parties on the website and / or outside of it. 
X-Escort does not exclude its liability for fraud or willful misconduct provided that it is attributable to it. Liability for personal injury and death is excluded to the extent permitted by law. 
If the User implicates the responsibility of X-Escort in the event of breach of contract or extracontractuality, the latter must take all the necessary measures to indemnify X-Escort for any damages relating thereto. 
Force majeure 
The responsibility of X-Escort can never be blamed as a result of force majeure. Cases of force majeure are all unforeseeable situations beyond the control of the parties that prevent X-Escort from fulfilling its commitments. X-Escort has the right to suspend its obligations towards the User throughout the duration of the force majeure. 
Specific computer-related defects, such as server faults, insufficient communication infrastructure, insufficient software and computer hardware of the User, can also be considered as force majeure . This list is given for information only and is not exhaustive. 
In general 
Our site and services may be modified, suspended or even terminated at any time without any form of compensation or damages being due by X-Escort. If a call to this clause has a negative effect on the subsequent performance of our paid services, you, as the advertiser, have the right to cancel this service and, in proportion to the services already provided, to request a refund. The advertiser can only invoke this right if he informs us in writing within fourteen (14) days of the change of service. 
These general conditions are exclusively governed by and interpreted under Belgian law . All disputes relating to or arising from the general conditions fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the district of Brussels. 
If the application or validity of one or more provisions of these terms and conditions is in question, this will have no impact on the validity and application of other provisions of these terms and conditions. 
All disclaimers in the name of X-Escort SPRL must always be interpreted widely. 
The titles we use in our legal documents are always purely illustrative. It can not therefore be conferred any legal value.

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